silver spoon manifesto

Because life is the richest, most delicious cake on earth. Then imagine the magic. Add your own silver spoon, especially when there are none to be found. The big “aha”: you create the spoon, the opportunity, the promise, the hope. The silver spoon is inside you. It always has been.

It takes Courage to see the silver spoon. Have courage when courage is scarce. The courage to create, to make a difference, to lend a hand to those in need, to believe when no one else around you believes. Courage means having faith in yourself. This is the only way out and up.

Then take Action. Connect with people. Share your dream. Live your values. Let the world see them in your most important decisions. Make your lists, then check them off. This is the doing side of dreaming.

Bring Kindness with you. Kindness comes from love — love for what you do and the people you are doing it for. Kindness is light in a world sometimes dark.

Put 100% Effort behind everything you do. Be all in. Be your own best advocate. This is your remarkable responsibility.

Lastly, accept Success with grace. Be humble, grateful, and generous in your sharing of all that you achieve. Give credit to others. Give a hand to those in need. Give with love.

Because Life Tastes Good!
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